Saturday, October 07, 2006

Phelim McAleer on KOA 850 AM (Denver, Colo.)

Jon Caldara interviews MPI Fellow Phelim McAleer on KOA 850 AM (Denver, Colo.). Podcast available at the Independence Institute’s Click here to listen to the podcast.


Blogger rfcjr said...

You ask why do liberals support anti development positions. The answer is simply that they have been brainwashed to be anti capitalist. I dare not think that those who are wealthy (and didn’t earn it) might feel that since they are aboard lets pull up the ladder. I am certain that the idle rich did not put in the sweat and effort that their ancestors needed to do to make their lives so easy. Therefore they are easily swayed by those who make money opposing anything that can be a rallying cry to get funding from other idle, guilt ridden, individuals who can feel good by giving money that they didn’t earn to placate their guilt for having money that they didn’t earn.

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