Saturday, October 07, 2006

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Blogger Krikor said...

"Gold industry recruits jobless Romanian miner to battle environmentalists"... the title tells you all you need to know - if you don't get it, the first two words are your clue.
While poverty is not charming neither is a scorched planet that does not have the capacity to sustain the very people who are trying to live on it. Wake up and make some choices before those choices are made for you by a planet that is tired of our species. We have have forgotten how dependent we are on the very life support systems we are destroying. And for whom? The gold industry, the oil industry, the genetic engineering industry, the agribusiness industry, the nuclear industry.
Undoubtedly we in the west need to limit and reduce our consumption, we do not need others to follow in the unsustainable model we have engaged in by taking from those very poor countries this film purports to speak for.
I wonder where the the funding for this film came from? More food for thought.

2:20 AM  
Blogger Gary said...

"We have have forgotten how dependent we are..."

Dependence is the key, "krikor." Our dependence on air, water and food requires that we use them, not hoard them. Greenpeace and similar groups "protect" the environment by denying proper access to it by those who depend on it most.

If you find the fruits of someone else's honest labors distasteful, refuse to purchase or use the gold, oil, fish, wood or other natural resources they've gathered, but don't deny them the opportunity to support themselves.

4:46 AM  
Blogger Agent B said...

The elite left say we will all die from environmental global disasters like global warming.

The far right say terrorism is going to take us all to anarchy.

Both try to use extreme fear to get others (not themselves) to change their ways.

The middle way says we have to all find a way to share and play together.

2:06 PM  
Blogger Jack Bauer said...

"the title tells you all you need to know - if you don't get it, the first two words are your clue."

GET A KLUE, klueless krikor...

Watermelons (green skins, red through and through) are so amusing in a grisly way

"the title" as you quaintly put it is the reporters spin (or BIAS as we in the trade put it) on the story.

That would be the "media" industry.

I do understand that in your simple mind spewing the very words "gold" and "industry" are enough to get you and the komrads foaming, as you probably have a visceral hatred for all the things that make your miserable guilt ridden western life life so comfortable.

Like uh -- capitalism baby.

Mental enviros won't be happy till we in the capitalist west are all living in caves with a life expectancy of 35.

Of course, only a half wit like you thinks that "industry" is this bizarre alien species that exists for itself. I bet you think that industry should be massively taxed -- with zero comprehension that industries will never pay tax

The only people who pay tax are the consumers.

In fact, we in the west do NOT need to limit our consumption.

Except in listening to lying shills like you who are nothing more than hack NEOCOMMS, quasi-Marxists, washed up socialists, and brain dead anarchists.

God save us from your stinking POLLUTION.

What we need to do is eliminate socialism and all its bastard children who have done so much to damage the poor of the planet.

Starting with the WATERMELONS LIKE YOU.

I would love to stick you on some barren island circa 1532 with no medicine (from those evil drug companies); no agriculture (from those evil agri-businesses); no fuel (from those evil oil industries).

Why don't you do us all a favor and stop breathing. Think of all the Carbon Dioxide you spew out over your life time, and just do it.

3:11 AM  

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